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Formula Vee Volkswagen was started in 1959. SCCA accepted this class in1963 and has been popular to this day. It has steadily evolved over the ages and for sale is one of it’s iterations on thesamba.com.

super vee

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Crossle air cooled Supervee, one of six made, one of three that came to the U.S. for the popular SCCA and USAC Supervee racing series. The only one known to still exist. Crossle Car Co still makes formula racing cars in Ireland. This car has a known history in the Midwest and has a VSCDA log book back to 1995.

The car is a true joy to drive at the track. A lot of effort went into keeping the oil and head temperatures as low as possible and keeping the TYPE IV engine alive.

CHASSIS… Very original straight and not modified. It probably had a minor shunt on the right rear at some point that has been well repaired. The chassis is aligned, corner balanced and the car handles very well on the track. The car has not been “restored” but the nose, body, and rear engine cover, suspension and wheels look very good and the car gets compliments at every track.

ENGINE… TYPE IV 96 x 69 (1996cc) with destroked 71 mm crank, H beam rods with 22mm pins, 96 mm Keith Black pistons (10.5:1 CR) Hoffman Automotive heads with all the modifications including relocated plugs, Kennedy 12#
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