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This fantastic Japanese vehicle, an air-cooled dynamo, takes on the world most grueling treks on the globe.

Follow their website and blog, documenting the entire adventure of this special “ladybug” (as the Subaru 360 is known in Japan. 

During the summer of 2010, we drove from Tokyo to Budapest, crossing at Hokkaido into Russia, through Siberia and Ukraine into Hungary. 
In January 2018, we will continue the journey, from Budapest to Banjul The Gambia.
We are going to participate in the world’s largest amateur rally, the BudapestBamako.
The rally starts on the 12th of January with a 3,000kilometersuper-marathon, from Budapest to Nador, Morocco. The planned route is via Hungary – Slovenia –Italy.  Over 3,000km in four days at European winter temperatures. In January 2017, as I am writing this, the temperature is -28°C in some parts of Hungary…
We will take a ferry from Gibraltar to Morocco, where the “real” adventure begins.
Driving on the mountain roads of the Atlas, on dirt, sand, good and bad roads across Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, and Senegal to arrive in the capital of The Gambia, Banjul.
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