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No, the Corvair is not a rival to the Porsche 911. However Yenko, a dealership known for performance upgrades for factory Chevrolet’s, produced high performance Corvairs over a number of years. A tuner who’s historical impact on racing and rallying is well known created only 3,000 Corvairs.

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Yenko Interior

Last Sunday, at the All Chevy Show in Cumberland, RI, I saw a nice example of a Yenko Stinger.  The Yenko Stingers were Corvairs that were heavily modified by Yenko Chevrolet, a car dealer in Cannonsburg, PA, to be very good race cars.  The key figure behind the Yenko Stinger was Don Yenko, who was very active in car racing at that time.   Yenko also sold tuned versions of the Camaro, Nova, Chevelle, and even the Vega.
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Corvair deck lid